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The Asociación Colombiana de Criadores de Ganado Cebú (Asocebú) is a non-profit association that fosters the development and genetic improvement of the Zebu breeds (Brahman, Gyr, Guzerá y Nelore) as well as its crosses. Nowadays, it is the cattle association that groups the greatest number of cattle breeders of purebred and commercial cattle (800) with cattle exploitation in almost the whole country.

On June 20, 2007, we reach 61 years of contribution in the cattle development of the Country and with the care of our members’ interests.

Through its technical department that is composed of veterinarians and zootechnics. The association visits periodically the members’ farms in order to advise them about the animal handling regarding nutrition, production, selection and programming of herds.


Likewise, it extends its benefits to commercial cattle breeders, whom it is organized regularly countryside days with the purpose of informing the advantages of using Zebu registered purebred bulls in their cow herds.

The register department keeps the genealogical books of the Zebu breed in a systematized way. It expedites the registers of purity of those animals that are born in Colombia or which have been imported. The Brahman, Gyr, Guzerá, Nelore e Indubrasil breeds have their own book.

The association organizes every year the National Zebu Exhibition and sponsors the development of nearly 52 regional fairs.

The performance and increasing of the Zebu herd in the country and the valuable contribution to the commercial cattle raisings. It has located the ASOCIACIÓN COLOMBIANA DE CRIADORES DE GANADO CEBÚ (Colombian Association of Zebu cattle breeders) as one of the strongest entities of the cattle sector in this country; proudly, this is the association which registers the greatest quantity of Brahman cattle in the world.

Regarding the Gremial Promotion, Asocebú coordinates, organizes, commercializes and supports important events and complementary activities like:

  • National Zebu Exhibition
  • It sponsors the development of nearly 52 regional fairs
  • Purebred cattle and crosses auctions
  • Cattle raising fairs
  • Seminaries, conferences and forums
  • Systematic work of divulgation and access to the gremial information

Some of the developments that the entity works on are the following:

  • Bimestrial magazine: “El Cebú”, with national and international distribution
  • “Volver al Campo” bulletin
  • “100% Carne Colombiana” offprint
  • Commercial catalogues of purebred zebu specimens (Females, breeding animals, etc.)
  • Development of POP material (Point of purchase material) and diverse promotional pieces about the different zebu breeds.

Regarding Gremial Representation, Asocebú is an official spokesman before the public opinion about the interests of the Colombian zebu guild. Moreover, the association has representation in important boards of directors and companies linked with the national and international farming sector such as: Vecol, Fedegan, Unaga y Ficebu.